Enterprise do website optimization in training more money

1. regular training, help them to enhance their professional level.

in 2011, just 3 years after the new year, I was a training staff also began to enter the enterprise, salary also reached 2500-4000 yuan, good benefits, make this industry more rapid development of enterprises, and on 2010, and started a new optimization strategy, that is to optimize the + + editor Art + Programmer, overall combat. But there is no doubt that this small number of teams in the 3,4, and the actual combat ability is often difficult to compare the optimization of company:

optimization personnel also need training? The answer is very simple, because the network is in progress, and a lot of people can’t reach optimization ability to learn every day, so regular training is a learning opportunity for them, two so that they can be improved, for enterprises to create greater profit optimization.

this labor shortage will be reflected in the spring of 2011, a large number of staff loss leads to the loss of the enterprise can be said that can not be underestimated, and the staff’s working pressure from work, through skills training, can effectively reduce the staff working pressure, improve work fun, to reduce the employee turnover rate and turnover rate is super effectively, this is just the cost of saving more, it had more money.

4. is more convenient for the management of enterprises.

3. regular training greatly reduce employee turnover rate and turnover rate.

Shanghai dragon

from the economic point of view, the company developed the Shanghai dragon personnel in such a team, 3 + months professional training, have the ability to become 2 years of experience to optimize the editing or optimization of personnel, and this will undoubtedly save a lot of spending, spending 5000 months than hiring engineers was several times more than the optimization.

2. regular training new, more cost-effective than the recruitment of engineers.

Why is

for employees to work experience fun, can also earn money, so the business is easy to manage, but for the enterprise network marketing is of course there’s no harm, and the enterprise also need not worry, who work every day to the handover, can.

is from the website optimization also has 3, 4 years of hard work, which also met stone, also hit on the head, but has not been willing to give up, because I always believe that website optimization, which is Shanghai dragon is promising, but the facts also proved this point, 2011 enterprises to pay more attention to the optimization of network station. In 2010, Beijing many sites starting with the Shanghai dragon, in addition to bid, even taking into account the natural flow, and Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) with Taobao customer plus, so many owners earn more profit, but also to the countless small webmaster the opportunity, while the second half of the year, many enterprises in Beijing began to recruit Shanghai Longfeng personnel, and gives a very high treatment, many optimization personnel began to focus on the internal position.

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