The choice of the domain name is very important for the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


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2016 optimization becomes particularly difficult, because love Shanghai for multiple adjustment, I believe many optimization staff are realized, first of all to talk about some optimization work, to choose a good domain name 1. before optimization, 2. choose a good stability of the virtual space or cloud machine, build 3. website and the website chain the. 4. external optimization (such as chain, Links) most people simply know these matters; to introduce each simple but note.

is now in good stability about choice of virtual space or cloud machine, here we should pay attention to stability is better, don’t be attacked, it will affect your site optimization, if there is a virtual space, the best choice of independent IP space. The website and the website chain structures "and" external optimization (such as chain, Links) we all know this, important to talk about the chain, the chain is now more difficult, but some of the news chain although it is slow, but also have a certain effect (suggested here is best to use anchor chain text), Links depends on their own hard work, if you are not included and weight change Links is difficult to start, so now do some outside the chain to make their stand included more slowly, so many people and you will replace the Links.

from Shanghai dragon Optimization: www. Shanghai dragon ai贵族宝贝 optimization team

first we say "the domain name", the choice of what kind of domain name is easy to optimize! Choose short domain was a choice, because it is easy to be remembered, the domain name choice there will not only com, net, CC domain,.Ee domain name suffix can be found now optimization rankings, why do you say because! Before a domain m network: let me give him love Shanghai optimization, in the optimization process, 1, has just entered the domestic domain name here soon, you can record, but rarely do the dumpster (I love Shanghai spiders love, 2), with the domain name.E to send the chain (not too easy will be deleted). I can’t believe I have to buy a few to optimize the results, in front of the table below the display case;


this important or say "very important" domain name domain name.Ee you can try to do stand.

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