Some suggestions about the future development direction of the network of migrant workers in Shangha

on the current status of the domestic Shanghai dragon, the competition can use four words to describe "too horrible to look at". We are desperately to squeeze home page, let a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er embarrassment, Shanghai dragon gradually facing a thankless situation, especially some enterprise website of Shanghai dragon, even if the ranking is up, in front of the bidding is very weak. Is Shanghai dragon really to a dead end, it’s not, Shanghai dragon only as a means of marketing, have been given high expectations, for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er future, should be developed in many aspects, do network marketing in the all-around, say a bit alarmist, if any Shanghai Tianai closed down, then we would be unemployed, I think the future of Shanghai Longfeng Gao Er toward the following aspects: the development of

has such an occupation, every day and called a search engine program to deal with, in order to please this program, all need to false original article every day, leave your links in addition to their own website, although this occupation concerned with the site, but most of them do not write the code and site procedures, the most they are in the bottom of the Internet, most with low wages, every day to get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than ghost, someone joked they were Internet migrant workers, they do the work of the purpose is to allow a keyword has a ranking in the search engine, this occupation is called Shanghai Dragon er. Yesterday suddenly remembered I left the campus for almost a year, and from seven grass network marketing training center after graduating from the Shanghai dragon road is almost a year, the original thinking of employment and careers, but do not want to flash a year later, a year of experience, from the original to the industry blind worship is becoming more and more rational, actually do not understand the industry, only to see the ranking of the scenery did not see the bitterness behind.

two, in one of the many weaknesses of Shanghai dragon Er is not written procedures and code, it is not reliable to the website construction, we can go to the marketing plan of the development, will do one of the Shanghai dragon Er daily work is to analyze various aspects of Web data sources, including key words flow selection, advertising put these elements, we carry out an online marketing success. And long-term and >

Er, a Shanghai dragon should strengthen their internal force of ascension, not every day lost in the pseudo original and the chain of the ocean, or meet in several key words on the front page of the Shanghai dragon indulge in self-admiration called Er, a network of migrant workers is every day with no technology to speak of the chain and pseudo original, but want to break through every day should be taking some time to learn some knowledge of his own optimization industry or improve their marketing eloquence. The optimization of the industry a long time, the industry is relatively well understood, including the launch of products, how to marketing and customer negotiations, from online to offline, with customers directly to marketing, in the process of marketing can dudangyimian.

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