Skills and detailed methods of website construction of the chain


now has a lot of the chain outsourcing team, as long as the sum of money, the forum outside the chain work can make a outsourcing team responsible for every day, many webmaster is because the execution is too poor, and can’t get good rankings, but the chain outsourcing team execution is very powerful, and the efficiency is very high.

in site optimization factors, the percentage of external links to sites accounted for most of the factors, so in the optimization of the work, most of the time is spent in building links, if a good grasp of two or three kinds of chain technology, and will play to the extreme, so the optimization effect is very obvious.

exchange every day a Links, the weight of the website will be very good, when the weight increased gradually, so the amount included in the site, the number of the chain, ranking will be with the increase of weight, Links is not limited to the home page, and now there are so many webmaster love list page the article page, in exchange for more Links, so take some time to do Links on site to help very large.

fifth: the other chain

first: soft writing

second: Links

can spend some money to buy a relatively well-known blog group built tools, if they can have hundreds of high weight blog, then no matter what words are relatively easy to get good rankings, and blog group management software hundreds of software is very simple thing, no need to spend too much time to solve the problem.


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chain including the other Links platform, business information publishing platform, inquiry platform, web directory, web site outside the chain, not only the requirements of quality, but also the type to extensive, the only way outside the chain, the weight of the website search engine will give a higher.

fourth: blog

now many sites to accept personal articles for publication, as long as the audited successfully, then you will get a lot of external links, and the chain is automatic, user resources reproduced, so that the chain seems natural, but also very wide, has a very big help to improve website ranking.

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outside the chain of more than five way is the most common, as long as the use of reasonable, then speak to play to the extreme, go every day, then the rank of the website will gradually to rise, in addition to the quality, quantity, time, good control of the chain of

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