Shanghai dragon principle will change the chain for the emperor

How many of these people have Why Let us do a

unknown people will ask why the search engine has such a strange rules? Here a simple voting principle of search engine website "". Based on the search engine, it relates to how to make a good website or web page row in front of the problem. To make the search engine rules predecessors found good web sites and there must be many other websites or web pages link to it, such as "don’t

these people do these boring work?

on the network, there are many people in each site tired with no shortness of breath to hepatoenteral reading meaningful replies every day, write a post on "top" or "learning" in short, I don’t think that is a source of irrigation, irrigation and the practical joke of fun. Do there is no fun. There are so many, so many of the provisions are made for each user forum in an hour can only send 10 posts. Who are these people? They are the webmaster or Shanghai dragon brothers, they do it to your site in the post forum signature links in web page code.

? I don’t know. Check on the Internet, there are a number of information about the site there are about 3000000 active sites, and at least six digits, even by six digits of one hundred thousand active sites, you can guess, how many people do such a boring work every day.

there are many people in the blog sites or forums repeatedly with the same content on the web, the title at the beginning and end of a little change in this kind of work, no fun, but every day they still dedicated to doing. Who are these people? They are the webmaster or Shanghai dragon brothers, in order to make the blog or forum posts on their website that just a link to the code in their site.

on the network there are many people who use network favorites, micro-blog, message boards, questions and so on various means with not what the value of reading information, their tired, just to make their own website that just a link code in more sites, they are still poor webmaster and Shanghai dragon brother who.


because of the good search engine rankings will bring a lot of traffic to the site, the flow is the economic benefits. But how to get good search engine rankings? Shanghai Longfeng research shows that the search engine has an important ranking rules: there are a large number of the chain to the site will get good rankings! This is the expression of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon brothers sharply: "the chain for the emperor". This is the power of the countless tired hematemesis webmaster or Shanghai dragon brothers

search engine.

to the search engine spiders to crawl.

a person doing a boring thing is not difficult, difficult is that many people at the same time to do a boring thing to do, but also a long-term.

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