Talk about website ranking click details that something black and white hat

any Shanghai dragon knows to use white hat, no black hat. But you look at yourself honestly with white hat in the ranking results with some competitors as steady as Mount Tai, can not see the light of the way, more like a rocket ranking sitting there, psychology is what it feels like? Can a report, but Baidu generally won’t bird you.

, the first web content is equivalent to the human blood, the search engine has been emphasizing the original, quality time, you can really feel the pseudo original deceive search engine? And give you deliberately stressed that the original is important, quality content is more important. To the original and the original, write a few hundred words, is really original, but full of content is very dull, or even that there is no value, so what is the use of the original. But in competition, others’ articles of high quality, coupled with the right pictures, the relevant recommendation, case analysis. Writing is humorous freely flowing style of writing. Such an article written it is difficult, but a few hundred words is far from obvious value than the.

second, content is king, the chain for the emperor. This sentence has been popular for many years in Shanghai Longfeng industry, outside the chain of the site is very important, before there was even the chain Commissioner this occupation. But now, they should be laid off almost all. Love Shanghai foreign chain re adjusted, a lot of people have a failure in shouting outside the chain, Shanghai dragon is dead. But I also want to know that the chain which people say on the failure, the effect of the chain quality still leverage, deliberately emphasize quality chain, quality chain, quality chain. The chain you can attract readers to click on, go forward, can effectively help the reader to solve the problem, can play the role of linkbait, only with high quality chain. A lot of mass, the chain does not have any substance, it is rubbish, harm no one’s interest.

simply say white hat, black hat talk about it, for the black hat he understand, can only talk about. Black hat search engine rankings made by drilling the loopholes, and the net all the screen, all regressed donghonghong, QJ love Shanghai. Indeed the effect of holy crap, but die too fast, cool after death.

first, keyword stuffing is technique, early love for black hat in keywords, Alt, title and other places all stack keywords, some will deliberately put some and site, but the search flow of a word, such as celebrity name to the website. Before the effect is very good. "

that we should do the black hat? I am not recommended, although not exclusive. I just hope you can see your own website localization, whether you want to seriously do a website, I hope it for a long time, or in order to get ranked short short flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum


if you have the answer, then we have two steps to look directly below the black hat. White hat should stay away from the site of cheating, and is often on the road side, which have not wet shoes. Black hat white hat many techniques are just a matter of degree.


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