Look at the key words and website links between the five aspects

on the network.

three, when love Shanghai server data update, the server updates to love Shanghai will be adjusted on the recorded data, this is a special case, non human control, generally not what important problems soon, in the face of this situation, you have to understand what problems. Then according to the specific reasons specific to the operation.

many sites have encountered or heard of such a situation, that is "some website PR value is zero, the chain is less, love Shanghai not included, but when they found that search keywords ranking is among the best." Many a couple of Shanghai dragon feel very embarrassed and upset extremely, further progress. However, this is still a minority, this situation generally occurs at some sites zero PR, love Shanghai rarely included, the chain is the new site less, and these website ranking keywords are not popular keywords. Similar problems now is actually very simple.

five, site query, site query here as long as viewed from two aspects, one is the site query is not accurate; the two is the site data query and keyword search results inconsistent data. Because the love Shanghai index to the data on a different server, then through different keywords or different syntax query to the data may not be on the same server, which will cause the results are not very accurate included.

two, when the new site PR value is zero and the love of Shanghai rarely included, the chain is less, because the website weight is low, but because the webmaster maintenance site, carefully set up some weight high website keywords old do not pay much attention, it is possible that keyword rankings rapidly, at the top, and brings popularity, for your site traffic, to rapidly improve their website weight in the shortest time.

, when the old site PR value is zero and the love of Shanghai rarely included, the chain is less, it shows that the website rarely update maintenance, because the information is not updated in a timely manner, such as the old website weight was on the line of the new sites don’t have what distinction. As a result of less included is normal, but because it is a long time station site has a certain foundation, all have some keywords fame also be not at all surprising.

four, its website structure, when your site for revision or similar behavior, your site will be the default into the review period. Normal development, love Shanghai rely on this to stabilize the website so, this is a very natural thing. In this condition, you before the release of the high quality of the article was collected and was very high weight of other websites, so your website is the review period, but because the large quantity and click on the keywords ranking no doubt.

specific analysis of specific things, we may encounter in the website optimization process conditions can be divided into the following categories:

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