The site within the chain operation of ready experience

with web content information continuously added and improved, a lot of really valuable information slowly flooded, but also with the weight of the site less than the initial, causing early web site content included is not good, after a period of time found their own news included the amount >

C. scene: a lot of times when the execution of the program, just add the keyword plus hyperlink is very tough, the starting point for doing just within the chain, this website news editor’s role becomes more important, need to do is edit keyword appears in the news content control news classification of the user experience by manually add some long tail keywords station links and problem oriented links, which we need to learn to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon Encyclopedia of basic knowledge of WHY and Wikipedia, their keywords hyperlink writer think of more is to guide users, mining user potential question consciousness, by adding the user awareness of shallow mining enhance website stickiness.

two: the chain operation criterion

B.: the number of links control may appear many times on a single article keywords, then each one can not match the words are adding links, try to control the single site, the keywords only once. I have often been asked, how much a single best content keyword links, the author tells us according to the number of single site text control, the author is every 500 words 2 Super chain.

remove the call site navigation and web content in the page, the site within the chain form is the main content of the article by keywords description text of hyperlinks, according to the contents of the current site information, most of them have their own unique content. The content of the article in the chain is called situational orientation, its implementation relies on manual procedures and add, then need to consider what the program automatically executes the

A. object to the website main keywords and keyword based channel, the author thinks that a website main keywords not more than 5-10, otherwise it is a bit too much, while the website main keywords too much will seriously affect the promotion effect of the website of Shanghai dragon. The main keywords selected web page aggregation keywords and each channel, single channel not more than 2-3.


: a chain of object selection and control of

with the Shanghai dragon of universal knowledge, many owners are familiar with the importance of the website’s construction, to love Shanghai, remove the important influence on the website’s domain related sites, many webmaster basically do not pay attention to or through the use of the site of the internal links weight transfer promotion website keywords ranking spread, many webmaster all know the chain promotion website the long tail or related keyword search ranking, but I found that most of the sites in the implementation of the site within the chain too crudely made and too formal, then the author’s own web site within the chain operation experience about the operating principle:

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