Shanghai Longfeng analysis example how to do certain handling love Shanghai forefront

analysis of

in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is essentially a duel with the love of Shanghai, few people can know love Shanghai detailed algorithm, and algorithm is in constant adjustment. Because of the information asymmetry, and as a result is easy to deviate from. That will be the Shanghai dragon Er often take the coincidence as necessary. A keyword, should have been very difficult, but it is easy to go up, we think that it is their ability. In fact, but is occasionally touched a do not know the "authority". This often makes us immensely proud, loss analysis of subtle knowledge, often ignored the unraveling and paodingjieniu.

second is suitable for the keyword search engine optimization in Shanghai? Love is not everything, some products can be draining from the love of Shanghai, and some products are not, especially the rise of electronic business platform, many products have been transferred to the business platform. However, for some service products, search engine optimization is still the preferred. A lot of factories for transportation services, mainly from the search engines to find.

took over any one of the words we need to order, the order analysis, I think the effect is greater than the operation analysis. Analysis of surface during operation, back and forth. What I think we should analysis, analysis of the following questions:


based on the above analysis, I draw three conclusions, this keyword is worth doing, the key for Shanghai dragon, and the original article is the core work of Shanghai Longfeng orders. Because the handling of the original article, peers are scarce, and >


third companies are similar in how to do? What are people doing? Through the investigation, we found that the company handling of key words and more intense competition, but mainly in the bidding for this one, specially do Shanghai Longfeng handling enterprises, and many companies are not handling the Shanghai dragon the professional team is doing, but is the company commissioned the construction site, and then assign one or two people to maintain. Especially in the aspects of construction, the construction of the chain, can be said to be short board handling Shanghai dragon.

first, customers of keywords ranking depend on the degree of dependence on high? Customers will not rush to request ranking results, but the ranking of the stability requirements. While the lower dependence on customers are anxious, often holding "try" mentality. The latter is not a mature customer Shanghai dragon industry. After analysis, the company handling orders, there are more than eight Chengdu is from Shanghai and love of the search engine, the high degree of dependence. It’s worth doing.

the following, I will "XX (XX is handling area name, omitted to avoid advertising too) this keyword, detailed analysis, in retrospect, I is how its rankings, this result is accidental or inevitable, you tell me, free conclusion.

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