Targeted and professional will be the future site in the competitiveness of two weapons

as each portal has the military forum, but I want to love friends more love more military professional Western military and Tiexue such professional website. Because their entire site is talking about military, like Sohu, Sina these large portal, it is just a product of them. This is the professional advantage, from the above case I think we should be able to understand in the traditional industry is better than specialized integrated. This has been demonstrated in many industries, in fact, the Internet is just a mirror of social reality. With the real or traditional industries are exactly the same. That is the same as in Shanghai Longfeng, for example in the website, there is less competition, just do a few words is easy to do up, because there were fewer competitors, lack of information.

, for example, such a title, centrifugal pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, water pump, industrial pump, XX company. Like that between a keyword and keywords related degree is not high site can get good rankings, but after so many years of development, many competitors recognize the importance of network marketing. Shanghai dragon industry is so hot, a lot of information exists in the internet. More and more difficult to rank, before a website can do a few words, I can only do a word. Just like the previous title like that before the supermarket, is a comprehensive website, but now this website is more and more away, we see more is only a title or a centrifugal pump sewage pump keywords, then with some expansion words. Before a website can compete more keywords, not now, who’s more professional website, the search engine will give more value in terms of relevance.

now the society came to a fine social differentiation, such as a town of ten thousand people only need a small store on the line, a city of one hundred thousand people on the need for a large department stores and supermarkets, if a million people city requires numerous highly targeted professional shop. Before the supermarket, but now the store constantly wrapped food supermarket share, have the most valuable products took the supermarket. Because of this very simple people to believe more specialized products, where the higher degree of trust. Like to buy some rice, buy a bag of washing powder these extremely standard products we can go to the supermarket, but if you want to buy some cosmetics will go to stores, because they will be better professional services. In fact, Shanghai dragon development today is completely the same situation, now why the four portals and people are more and more less, the reason is because the combination of too, like a supermarket.

another for it, or the pump industry known to me for example. For example, the word pump is more fuzzy, search engines do not necessarily know what users are looking for, maybe the user is looking for user models, perhaps is to want to know the price of pump or pump brand etc.. This search engine is very easy to give the wrong answer. But the user search self-priming pump pump, this pump from no more than search >

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