Shanghai love home fast ranking six words

demand ?


5, an article can take several links to

, a chain of

4: multiple chain platform release whether to write more articles

3, Q: the hair of the chain is not to the original

: I don’t need you, writing an article can be published simultaneously on different platforms.

2, the chain is not a certain amount, the site row in the home can not be issued, to achieve the effect of once

answer: when the chain released an article is usually a anchor text links, some platforms cannot take the anchor text link, it is with pure text links.

6 a day, how much the chain right?


every webmaster worked hard to build a good website, then the most vital thing is how the ranking of the Shanghai love the home page, in order to obtain accurate directional flow, produce value. The fastest today to share with you the six words:


1, ask: what are the chain release platform

After Q: ?

answer: This is not the case, the chain release is the survival period, such as the soft cycle is usually more than half a year, the blog chain cycle in 2-3 months, the cycle of BBS signature only about a month, so the chain is missing, the number will often to check whether there is a decrease in the chain the trend or the ranking is not out, encounter this situation may consider to send some chain.

released the chain platform blog, forum, Links, submitted to the soft template share, B2B platform, and the classification of information network, blog and other forms.

many people know that the chain is important, because in a sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain is generated based on the voting principle, each chain is equivalent to a web page to vote, vote more, the influence of the site is greater, the higher the weight.


in 2011, love Shanghai adjusted the algorithm, click Add algorithm, meaning that when more users to click on your site, your site will be immediately weighted, of course now is adjusted, not immediately weighted, now there will be a period, usually a week to see the effect. As for how many hits suitable, >

? ?

answer: the answer is not to be original, of course, the high quality of the original is good, but many owners are not written, then only the pseudo original, can also be included.

A: in fact, the chain is not necessary to hundreds a day like this, one day a good 10-20.

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