See the quality requirements from the aristocratic nobility baby baby Panda algorithm

Because the

(6) for the effect of different ranking, as shown below, the top ranked websites the greatest impact, followed by the second ranked site.

(1) Panda algorithm to update the noble baby began in February 24, 2011, as is the quality requirements to search results indicates that the website can meet noble baby, in other words is hope against low quality ", such as the contents of the farm (content farm).

(3) Panda is the noble baby baby aristocracy of the more than 200 assessment factors one, but it belongs to the site-wide signal processing, that is if is the baby Panda found to belong to low quality and filtration, the site will be affected. Also because of this reason, let Panda become noble baby an important issue.

(2) Panda algorithm to update the nobility baby belongs to a filter (filter), after correcting the nobility baby algorithm to perform regular quality filtering, low quality sites excluded from the search results.

the following is a comprehensive collation of information:

ranking in the search results list first or second sites are most likely to be selected, so of course is in accordance with the website quality specification is very important.

(7) site type > affected

goole recently updated a lot of data, this is my personal as the need to organize some.

(4) Panda from the introduction to the noble baby now, after a total of 1 Panda (2011/2/24), Panda 2 (2011/4/11), Panda 2.1 (2011/5/10), Panda 2.2 (2011/6/16), Panda 2.3 (2011/7/26), Panda 2.4 (2011/8/12), Panda 2.5 (2011/9/30), Panda 3 (2011/10/19), Panda 3.1 (2011/11/18), Panda 3.2 (2012/1/18), a total of 10 times of the update, and update some different date version, but the difference is not big, we do not elaborate on other versions.

(5) have different effects on different types of websites, as shown in the picture area divided into three types: the brand website, station, large non brand website. One of the biggest influence on the big brand site, and the non brand website of the station is less affected. Of course, the original station may not be there may be many pages in the top page, so of course a lesser extent.

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