The competition is not fierce industry how to optimize the site

recently received a recommendation by a friend to the optimization, optimization of the object after my general view found in this industry do the optimization of the web site is not much, because most industry bosses are more than 40 age, for the network is not of particular importance, this industry enterprise annual turnover for the majority of millions, so most each search engine bidding, which has 7 core words bidding in Shanghai love home, the optimization scheme so I came to share my offer to customers, the hope can help to you, in a less competitive industry how to optimize the site.

four, external links anchor text to buy

optimization for the site I mainly lay the long tail of the word, because some words have the core subject, bidding, so not many station optimization suggestions, only some landing page contact telephone number of small changes, the program for a pre planning, the implementation will be there are some changes, welcome comments, as I learn rookie.


, it is not recommended to do self optimization of

Two, buy

three, brand promotion

for some news sources to finish words, to improve the weight when the news source through the external links of purchase, in order to ranking, this work can be carried out later.

news source channel


has hit the news source Scindapsus clear ranking, but for some less competitive industry news source I think is also suitable for the use of some news sources to rank the two or three keywords laying site don’t appear in the news, the phone can be reserved. The laying need every day, also released the personnel to observe the ranking of words, summarize and follow up.

rough query about related industry websites have around 10, are relatively large portals, promotion can brand word, brand awareness, brand IP linear image monitoring word into the website of the. The use of third party platform, extrapolation work, should pay attention to the choice of platform, as well as the quality of the extrapolation, focus on the existence of matter.


bid for too much of the industry is not recommended to do optimization, the first 500-600 index fluctuations, requires a certain period, and the construction site needs a lot of modifications, the modified love Shanghai for the website recognized the need for a period of time, coupled with the optimization, need at least 3-8 months of this period of time therefore, missed the industry sales peak, the website will look at each optimization industry sales peak, in order to truly from the customer’s perspective. So keep the site until the winter can make the site changes, bidding to hold at the same time, the best there is a bidding specialist adjust word work.

In fact, we can see that the

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