Google ranking factors six page factors end

second, URL of characters in Google’s view, URL contains characters are also classified according to the reference index.

yesterday, we in effect page Google’s ranking factors (four) introduces some trivial factors, and some nouns are unfamiliar, you may not understand, due to space limitations I couldn’t do much to explain, so, if you don’t know where to go or give me a message, WeChat forum here, we will take over, then introduces ten factors of the last page.

sixth page outbound links (outbound links) too much, too many outbound links will not only lead to weight loss, but also to determine the theme and content of "spider caused serious negative effect.

eighth page age, here also has a paradox, Google love new things, but the weight, usually give longer "higher" age is so long and update frequency and more recent time of "easy to get better rankings.

ninth, web page layout, this is a very important factor, the official Google had a reputation, if the user enters the site the first screen content of less than ten percent will be punished, for those big banner and advertising over the page of the site is very terrible.

third, indicate the source, if the referenced articles or content fragments indicate the source, help to improve the quality of the identity of "Google, Google quality manual had mentioned this problem.

first appeared in URL, yesterday we said a keyword appears in the domain will help Google ranking, but after all, the domain name can include the keyword is limited, so the second, many keywords appeared in the domain that he is also a good choice in url.

fifth, the weight of the sitemap settings to the website, on this point, Shanghai Longfeng for more than three months practitioners should be aware that sitemap will be the site of all the web pages in the weight classification and inform the search engine, the weight of the high natural easier to get good rankings.

Google ranking factors (six): page factors (end)


fourth, ordered or unordered list, understand the page content using ordered or unordered list can help Google better, but also more conducive to the user to browse and view.

seventh, the number of key words appear in the page, the key word here refers to the index, the content of the page keywords in Google’s eyes the greater the number, the better the quality, of course, this is not your web page in Google keyword stack to determine the case, so that Google keywords quantity and good quality "usually the content is long.

tenth, will lead to a drop in domain name idle rank even disappear, what is the domain name domain name is very simple, idle, after buying lying, "

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