Shanghai dragon Er everyone can become Shanghai Dragon Master

website template structure, these elements do not change frequently, modified every time, love Shanghai will reduce the website trust in search engine. This is the most important reason, 90% of the site is down right in this place. Of course, not the H tag in website optimization underestimated, the main keyword appears in a H1 tag, a keyword appears in H2 tags, and so on. Don’t hide the tag contents, H1 tag search engine is very sensitive, otherwise it would be considered cheating behavior, it will be the search engine.

real Shanghai dragon master is a use of practical experience and research analysis of opponent search engine trends and preferences which may modify their decision the success rate of genius, but not rigid to set those so-called technology that cheats out of order. Who can please the search engine, who can become today’s Shanghai dragon master.

first text in title as possible all the words, all the words here, nothing more than is 2-5. A kind of online statement keywords cut K station, this argument is wrong. There is a saying, it is only temporary is not K. I am wrong, accumulation of a large number of key words site observation for nearly a year, the site only is not K, but the ranking is very good. You can be in love Shanghai. Any popular keywords, see many good ranking site keywords accumulation. Another point, "the best title, keywords description, not the three label". Of course, some key words, the word in the webmaster optimization, there is no way to love Shanghai, must have stood in front row? Title, keywords, description also contains the relevant keywords, try to use the sentences into a paragraph. Don’t worry about that long, long is also fine, don’t believe some of the so-called Shanghai Dragon said longer will K, will drop right, this is wrong.

is now on the market of Shanghai dragon industry is uneven, fish, just look at those people how to write a look and think that they are very Niubi touted itself as Shanghai dragon master who actually is not * * *. Shanghai dragon is a system, you are not in Shanghai Longfeng forum to see a few posts, you can understand. Shanghai dragon needs to practice, and not from the Internet to learn to watch tutorial to learn. Now a lot of articles and tips are in fact outdated some predecessors practice, of course, some things will not temporarily out of date but can not guarantee 100 try Ling Bai, the search engine technology is constantly changing, the new Shanghai Dragon Technology and experience to write a new chapter, in fact, is not very technical in Shanghai Dragon strong live, but he is definitely the biggest collection of test and analysis ability of the decision itself. If you only do Shanghai dragon is moving set those who have seen other people to write things or what training class the teacher to teach, it is difficult to learn the real dragon in Shanghai.

The second is the

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