Wang Tong the 6 major factors influencing the search engine ranking

six factors affect the search engine ranking

search engines crawl web content, mainly on the site of the internal links to crawl, the design of internal web link structure more reasonable, the search engines will update conveniently, which helps to enhance the ranking.

search engine to determine your level in web pages based on URL, and give the different weights, so the website pages are designed to URL weight high URL.

on the search engine algorithm can not move, because the technology is only to implement people’s thinking, so I want to quickly understand the search engine algorithm, the first thing you need is the 100% station to the search engine perspective and analysis.

4, internal link optimization

Optimization of

1, the search engine to love what web sites and

5, the construction of the external links


2, what is the web site and the best

in the front row?

search engine algorithm research,

is a keyword as long as the 7 place in the "repeat outstanding, search engine will think you are on this page for this keyword is very professional.

search engines love original content outstanding website, it is best able to maintain a fixed update frequency, the more original content so that your site around the keywords, can bring more traffic through search engine.

? Although

have a place are: title, mete, H1, B, alt, links, url

2, the content of the original

3, URLThe

content is user love, at the same time the website with search engine rules, change the search engine ranking rules, most of them is to deal with cheating.

The thinking of


is certainly no doubt, excellent web sites and

and other search engines love Shanghai announced the chain is not important for ranking, but I think the rankings chain always have an impact, because the more you external links, search engine through external links to your website crawling frequency is higher, the natural ranking to help.

1, keywords layout

tonight at the school said "the consultation to build a personal brand model" curriculum, the following part of the contents of the curriculum content from less.

we really do Shanghai dragon does not need to cheat, the key is in accordance with the basic rules of the website into a search engine, users love also love the site on it.


so, the search engine rankings influence the basic rules of little change, I summed up the six aspects.

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