Love Shanghai clean up the nternet garbage confidence determination never wavered

two, the website should be novel. This is a very important point, if the page design to the user is different from before take on an altogether new aspect, he saw the site, then he will make a high score on this website.

for the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment. Good wine merchants Xiaobian that love Shanghai needs of the original article is to further enhance. But this is not absolute, we still can find a relatively high weight of the portal, they reproduced the original content, ranking is still very good included, but also the highest ranked. This would involve, want to love Shanghai in the search results page for the user to improve the quality of search results. After all, the weight of the high site, accumulation of users has reached a certain amount, they have a fixed group of users. But the user experience is a site to reach the height.


The structure of

according to the recent widespread online "6· 22, 6· 28" event, much raise a Babel of criticism of. Many webmaster friends said in the group or forum in Shanghai, love must be in the new update algorithm. In fact, experience love Shanghai algorithm big changes in the webmaster will know the same. Because of this, we can sum up the love of Shanghai clean up the Internet garbage confidence determination never wavered.

from the beginning of contact with the Shanghai dragon, I believe that many owners have heard the first famous saying that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". On the content aspect, we all know the importance of the original, but in the actual process of updating the website. We are for a variety of reasons, such as no time to complain, such as map. To carry out a variety of pseudo original, or simply direct acquisition. In a short period of time, because the accumulation of the credibility of the website and search engine algorithm slow etc.. We will achieve the same effect and original. But in the long run, each time the algorithm adjusted in the search engines, most complaints are always these for a moment, and the content on the site has not been updated the detailed work of the webmaster.

Design of

set up a new sites, we believe that every webmaster’s purpose is to let our website into a high quality site. So how can we do to achieve this purpose? That the individual has the following three points:

, the theme of the site must be clear. This is the core content, must be the theme information can be sent to the first user of the web site is the feeling. Otherwise, the user does not know exactly what the site was made, is not their own needs. Then it will not leave what impressed.


three, the website should be reasonable. First of all, to let visitors in the website, can get the information they want in the shortest time. At the same time, we all know that the site is not only to the user, also must make the search engine to love.

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