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in such a situation, also told us a message: who has been struggling to complain about the lack of business model, grasp the user pain points online education practitioners, in fact, is the existence of a large number of user pain points on their side, they are mature enough to maintain online education before the arrival of survival business model. But they are in the impact of the trend of the environment, I do not know who can not grasp the user pain point, which is their product most suitable?.


but in fact, begin to subvert the traditional education, to seize the resources under the line of education, such a subversion of the logic of online education started to become a general person, can only hold their hands and feet and other body part of the open diffuse diffuse subversion journey.

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wind came, at the outlet of online education are but not with the wave of Internet Education boom fly, Gong Haiyan from the 91 teacher network education platform, to focus on the non vertical platform of education online education website maintenance, many online education practitioners who can not grasp the direction. At present, online education has been like a boat with the hope of land residents in general, in the vast Internet ocean floating in confusion, the road hard to find.

and a lot of industry commentators point of view is similar to, Xiao Qian believes that the current online education is not online education. Selling offline products to the Internet can not be a wrong idea in online education, but it can not be the central idea of online education. Online education breakthrough development, the need to change the development of thinking, this thinking, I think we can learn science and technology new media.

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but it’s not the time yet. The market space of offline education has been very mature in several years’ accumulation. The circumstances of such a situation may lead us to a wrong way of thinking. Whether education online education or line, anyway, are education, under the line so unconvincing market has been opened, make full use of online education viral network marketing should be more powerful, not easy to develop

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online education is not without pain points can be caught, but more than

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online education, entrepreneurship, whether to do the platform, online education and how to do these two issues in the country, I think so far there is no successful case, can be very convincing to answer our questions. As one of the most closely related fields of education and social development, after the infiltration of the Internet, the online education industry in the mature stage has emerged as an online educational platform capable of forming monopolistic competition.

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compared to online education this piece of "only emperor short allocation" generals, science and technology, new media from the beginning can touch the traditional network media to open wide

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