On site operation discuss the chain

I believe that no matter how the change of the search engine for the blog frequently, the attention is still there, then, can choose the current seven famous blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Tianya Tianya, and Hexun, before a management website, tried in the seven blog every day. An original, including Sina, Tianya, NetEase, and are included, will not see the Tencent, this also remind the webmaster, you can try to focus on several other opportunities will be relatively high, included.

library platform is relatively high, with commercial advertising through the Encyclopedia of Library rate we are there for blocking, so you may wish to choose other platforms, such as: Douding road passenger Baba, which included two is relatively good.

B to B platform is also a part of the webmaster to pay attention to the webmaster can belong to their own website industry to select the corresponding business platform and release of information on their website operation stabilized, can also choose to gradually improve the business platform shop information. For example, my management is the screen industry, then I will be against the screen used in agriculture, industry, protection industry and some business platform outside the chain of their own website, of course, most of the platforms are on their web site can be added.

2.BtoB platform

3. classification information platform

LibraryThe quality of the chain

recently fell in love with the sea algorithm, the webmaster discussion forum said, the chain will not be seriously or bring down the right effect; in fact this is not necessarily the only place you love, you don’t have the right to K Shanghai. Of course, this part of the forum can also be divided into industry forum and forum, publish different information for different forums, plus the signature is replies to obtain a way of chain. Here, also said that raising a forum will bring unexpected harvest, such as Alibaba merchants forum, wealth value can buy advertising; therefore, the forum is also a good publicity place, because of the interaction of such a strong place makes more.

this part of the information released to the screen website I manage is purely a chain means, purely in order to send the chain, of course, as the 58 city market, these platforms included effect is very good, the 58 city also can say is the second. So, the webmaster may choose.


1. blog


is engaged in the work of the station, I believe we all know the importance of the chain, the chain is also a form of advertising, a good deal would bring fantastic marketing purposes, the treatment is not good, like psoriasis, everywhere makes people abandon, feel bad. So when the webmaster in the operation of a website, how to handle your chain? Below for example, said in the chain management Hengfeng mesh factory.

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