Keywords for outdoor furniture made optimization analysis

1. collect more related articles, are of high quality, high readability and help the user.


for outdoor furniture made optimization strategy

A review of the

3. long articles divided into articles to publish.

2. to give the paper to the pseudo original again.

was originally going to abandon the station, because of paying too much time and effort is likely to eventually or The loss outweighs the gain. But recent customers chase too tight, at any time may request a refund, or I was unhappy with the final follow up this website. A website but was K drop right after, to restore is the need for a lengthy process, it may never regained weight. Site optimization process, ranking with too much uncertainty, we can only hope to insist on doing.

a website of outdoor furniture has been optimized for almost four months, has also failed to accomplish the desired effect of the ranking. Shanghai love about outdoor furniture, search volume was about four million, ten, no doubt very high commercial value. Look at the Shanghai love the first five pages, the website and the majority of industry enterprise website, by viewing the domain name registration of the domain name of the old time as early as many websites. These sites are rich in content, there are a few on the chain forced up station. Thus, the keywords outdoor furniture competition is very big, want to do on the first page is not a job, need to pay a lot of time and energy.

The author

6. reasonably segmented branch to improve the readability of the article.

, content is king

5. properly link anchor text.


4. the following paragraphs natural words.

to write the original after optimization. The station has two key words, the title change: outdoor furniture – Outdoor Furniture Factory – Foshan city Shunde District futa furniture factory official website; description of change: the futa outdoor furniture factory is a large enterprise specializing in the production and sales of outdoor furniture enterprises, the outdoor furniture products were rated as "class a" the factory to first-class products, first-class service to the principle of dedicated outdoor furniture brand and create a market. In a period of time to maintain website content and update the chain, ranking began to improve after a month. Outdoor furniture factory in the first page, outdoor furniture being ranked three pages. Later, because the site space line was due to attack the site open for a week long, love Shanghai very fast to the station K included only a few news page. In the end the space problem, Shanghai has not included the love again website home page, ranking nature also lackluster. About two weeks later, love Shanghai again included your home page, then the result is site 8, pitiful. The website does not open, is love sea K then again included after the snapshot has not updated, otherwise the next day included news is now a week not included a low weight too horrible to look at.

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