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The original

no way, before playing the customer service phone to consult, the other party actually said I called wrong, I politely asked a sentence, I dialed the phone number is where, the other side replied: "this is the social security center!!!

do stand also have a few years, has been on the site for advertising, in August this year, behind or see a webmaster to advertising the connection, go to register an account, then more than three months in a row for the four time payment have not received the money, recently and phone are not contact, this is the legend of the 733 media: www.733


, yes, please. Look at the phone below. Call and ask. If the other party is correct, it’s supposed to include my phone on the blacklist


A5 forum is hot review this phase of the group, immediately participate in interactive: bbs.admin5/thread-2585780-1-1.html

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

first look at the website:

the introduction:

was excited when he applied for the first payment, after all, it was the first month’s earnings. More than half a month after the application, there was no news, and then contacted the official customer service MM:

looks at a regular alliance, cutting revenue in the last few months:


if you have completed the group operation on this page, you can also post in the above post, we will give you A5 points.


is not supported by the industrial and Commercial Bank of China card, very strange, why not when register fill in bank accounts indicate? Then contact customer service MM to the receiving bank account, MM told me that the second day Wednesday to pay. The results waited until the second application was paid, not yet. Contacted another customer service.

later or choose to believe that they continue to the end of October, and apply for a payment, I waited until today, still did not pay, so is login to online banking.


    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group is over and no longer enjoy the Group buy price concessions. You can choose:
          1, directly to the official price 3580 yuan to buy or
          2, go to the mall to buy low discount price: etuan/deal/541< br /

      more preferential products in the A5 group purchase Mall: etuan/goods   

bupu auto portal management system is a cross platform php+mysql development system, the system has successful experience of team development planning, the main functions include general automotive portals, stable performance. The system comes with the vehicle data, data maintenance, data review, and the configuration and maintenance information collected by their own car, you can quickly build a car portal and easy to maintain; also through the real > page


———————- reminder developing

, this customer service is funny. Later, until the third time after payment, also there are no income of the bank account, call to consult, as I explained the situation, the customer GG actually told me: because of my special circumstances, but relatively long time can not find data!!!


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