Pigeon baby products join bright spots

modern society, many people attach importance to the growth of children, Pigeon maternal and child products is focused on the growth of the baby, then, Pigeon? Pigeon has come to seventh years, Pigeon headquarters has always been focused on maternal and child care. Pay tribute to mother love, has always been the eternal pursuit of Pigeon, Pigeon choose to join, open the wealth of life.

2010· Pigeon’s debut Drama: "breastfeeding"

two love bachelors roommate suddenly picked up a mysterious baby, then began a search for breast milk for the baby’s journey ""……

2011· "breast milk" sisters: "breast milk in the end"

afraid of breastfeeding female white-collar city side of the enemy but the "Warren" persuasion, finally choose to assume mother’s day responsibility……

2012· meet the new "baby baby" trilogy of

DINK? Most of the time only to those things that do not have a baby. If you don’t try, you’ll never know how much happiness your baby can bring to you……

2013· welcome to the two of the new Trilogy: "falling in love with little mother"

young sister has become a promising young mother, postpartum various ideas struck, the sister almost can not control emotions, but also to bring the negative energy to her sister. At this time, the family 10 million, to redouble their love oh……

2014· meet the new trilogy three — "child Raiders"

this is the year of the fire maternal circle concept, child born or not born? In order to Dabao not alone, for the elderly there is hope, for their own from the beginning again when a return to the mother, students!

2015· Millennium problem so solution – "Po mom met the woman"

in today’s society, we have a baby, should be preferred Pigeon baby products, so as to guarantee the safety of infants, we worry more, entrepreneurs choose to join Pigeon, more easily showmanship.

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