The guinea fowl breeding has opened up a new way to get rich

generation of young people with the older generation of entrepreneurs who are different, they have a more sensitive market sense, the courage to try fresh, which allows young entrepreneurs to grasp more entrepreneurial opportunities.

have entrepreneurial ideas of Li Mingyong did not speak, he worked in Shanghai, Guangxi has become the size of the factory consultation, learning technology, on the local market, in determining the culture of Guinea is a promising project, he began to build factories in the support of family members. Li Mingyong: "I’ll be back after study. In the order of their twenty thousand dollars, I went to Shanghai to resign, resigned in March 2015, the factory built in May."

Li Mingyong through careful breeding, the introduction of the first more than 2 thousand Guinea has to slaughter, the main supply of hotel and farmhouse, prices and sales are good, customer feedback is very good. This also allows him to start the idea of expanding farming. Li Mingyong: "walk the mountain to the other side of the highway is about seventy acres of land, investment in about one million, I am ready to be expanded plant, plant canopy, workshop, incubator, open the Langao market foothold, open health market, try to put the eggs sold in the field."

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