Small losses often bring more returns

now because of the social environment so that many people are not willing to lose money, afraid to eat a little loss, more so over, do business but the business is getting worse. The way to do business, there is no law. As a businessman who wants to own business prosperous, wealth, wealth, but not all businessmen can turn this beautiful dream into reality. Only those who are full of wisdom, thoughtful people to the correct use of business acumen, want to set hundreds thousand, clever digging opportunities, wealth.

I have seen such a report said: in 1960s, a merchant named Lin Weifu opened a restaurant in Berlin and germany. There was almost no professional in the restaurant, the restaurant opened normally, I The house is full of guests. Who knows the opposite is the case, the restaurant opened the back streets, one month down, too horrible to look at the book. Then, he comments to the customers, guests of the taste of dishes are satisfied, but the price is slightly more expensive than complain about the meal.

In fact,

is a "mass production", the cost of natural small, while Chinese food is a single pot alone speculation, the price had to be high. How to resolve this contradiction and attract customers? Lin Weifu is very distressed. One day, he saw the long caged chickens became thinner, basically already dying, but decided to advance the slaughter of all chickens, otherwise once dead, you lose everything. He posted a notice: "Chinese chicken stew, six Mark a."

this was a loss, because the purchase price is eight chicken Mark a raise, so long, but also processing, face the reality, he can only do so. Six Mark a chicken, really attracted many customers come to visit, even one day sold out. Unexpectedly, Lin Weifu that day not only money, but also netted 500 Mark.

The original

, sold at a loss is just a dish, and attracted by it to customers other dishes, this not only makes up for the loss of a whole chicken, also made a lot of, a reduction in exchange for ten. Inspired by Lin Weifu, then continue to create a variety of "a bright spot", attract more and more customers, his wallet one day to drum up, eventually become a million millionaire.

such a case, if you are a businessman, you learn what? Most of the time, on the surface, we are losing money, but when it comes to the actual calculation of the original can still be profitable. From Lin Weifu’s way of doing business, which I think we should be willing to do business in the retail business is willing to lose money, because sometimes a small loss in exchange for a large fortune. So how do retailers use this "loss" art?

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