Wang Dongwei cigarette sales need to understand the situation and need to be full of confidence

this year the whole market environment is not ideal, this is a fact that many people are aware of. Cigarette sales in many stores have also been affected, the results are not ideal, however, does not mean that any retail sales of cigarettes are not optimistic. If we can find the right way to operate, can also create a high sales. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to know about Wang Dongwei’s successful sales experience.

Wang Dongwei: Hello everyone! My name is Wang Dongwei, who lives in Anhui County of Qianshan province is one of five Miao Xiang, has 17 years of experience in the retail business of retailers. It has always been a big focus on cigarette sales, but since 2012, I have come to realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to sell cigarettes. I think as a retail Household in order to do a good job of cigarette sales, we must recognize the current grim situation, to take full account of the environment faced by cigarette sales in the past is not so good. Part of the retail market confidence in the future of the market is insufficient, there are many retailers on how to do a good job of cigarette retail households confused.

I personally believe that the current situation facing the retail industry is facing the grim situation must be properly analyzed, to see the difficulties, to see the pressure and challenges. Of course, can not face the difficulties and pressures, blindly complain, blindly low. But should look at the problem is to see One divides into two., tebi industry development potential. In particular, we must firmly believe that the Party Central Committee and the State Council to take some economic measures, will stimulate the economic development of enterprises, driven by the domestic economic situation in the direction of development.

should also clearly see the cigarette demand is still huge, especially modern young people due to employment, housing, marriage and other aspects of the pressure, they often take smoking as the preferred way to ease the pressure of life and spirit. Therefore, the low age of smokers, the gradual increase in the rate of feminization, which is the cigarette consumer market resources.

retail households to understand the situation, the key is to boost confidence." Only retailers boost confidence in order to take a positive attitude, take the initiative to find ways to look for attention, thinking strategy to do a good job of cigarette sales. In recent years, although the overall situation of cigarette sales is not good, but I always told myself must be enthusiastic not to drop, confidence is not reduced, the service does not retreat. It is because of their dedication, the persistence of my cigarette sales as a whole is still good, sales steadily every year, to achieve the desired results.

cigarette sales now is not good, it is now a lot of retailers to recognize the fact that, since we are engaged in the cigarette business, you need to in this industry have a more full understanding, so as to ensure a better career. So, if you want to do a good job in cigarette sales business, not only need to understand the situation, but also need to be confident.

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