The martial arts blessed business park officially opened

in order to attract more business, but also to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, and now there are a number of entrepreneurial parks throughout the country. The martial arts · blessed business park has also recently officially opened, which can meet more the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and career development leap better.

recently, · focus on the introduction of the martial arts district; blessed business park officially opened. It is reported that the park a total area of about 8600 square meters, is a blessed business park since its inception in 2011 fourth business incubator Park, although the area is the smallest, but the location advantage is obvious, may be from the Wulin Square of a business park recently, straight-line distance of 1.5 km range.

· of the martial arts; blessed business park into the traditional sense of the business district, will focus on inter industry trade. Paradise Park Manager Xu Shun said that the martial arts Paradise Park is not a pure public record space, also hope that the introduction of the relative maturity of the medium-sized enterprise. The main park building is divided into 13 layers, one layer and two sub oriented entrepreneurship early in the project, while the other floor wants relatively mature medium enterprise settled.

at present, the whole city has formed a strong cross-border e-commerce gene. This cross trade town in Zhejiang province was included in the second batch of town features to create a list of; by the end of this year, the martial arts · blessed business park will complete the work and the introduction of the park investment company, and start the new park development.

with emphasis on local entrepreneurship, and also established business park related, in order to create a better business environment for local entrepreneurs, let local entrepreneurial better leap, more make greater contribution to the development of the local economy.

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