Little Yang Shengjian joined a good franchise

food and beverage industry, more and more entrepreneurs welcome, including snacks franchisee is accounted for most of the catering business number, which also shows the competitiveness of food industry is large, no feature is not possible in highlighting the catering industry in an invincible position, Yang Shengjian joined a unique fried stores, will make you satisfied.

"hunger breeds discontentment" now, people increasingly high requirements for the quality of life, the food and beverage market snacks everywhere, it is difficult to meet consumer demand, uneven in quality, only those distinctive, delicious delicacy will attract eyeball deep diners favorite. Today, the development of any industry is constantly changing, despite the public’s demand for food is very high, but the traditional food and beverage industry has been unable to meet the needs of the masses today. Small Yang Shengjian bring authentic delicious, it appears to bring the public to enjoy the food, and will retain a large number of diners.

Yang Shengjian was born in 1994, in Shanghai, Wujiang road. A bucket of gasoline was 20 yuan to buy a stove, a fried stalls to pay. Technology from the grandfather, who worked in a big hotel in Shanghai to do a pastry chef of the elderly. With a pair of industrious hand, down-to-earth personality, make fried thin filling large, thick, rich juice. Affordable, so it will soon be stalls lined up to buy Yang Shengjian’s queue, this row is 22 years…… getting up at four in the morning, on the five day of the purchase of fresh meat, vegetable, vegetable ingredients, stuffing, and support stand, face, skin rolling, package of raw fried starts at six one side, the side will greet the customer hot fried end to consumers. Ordinary Shanghai people in the old customers, to grey-haired, less to young people such as vertical Huangkou temples; white-collar workers and businessmen, celebrities such as Liu Xiang, Yao Ming. From the first store began, second, third… To… Today throughout Shanghai and the surrounding more than 100 restaurants…… with our deep love for Shanghai and Shanghai around the consumer favorite brands, the most popular brand


Yang Shengjian founded has 22 years of history, in order to ensure the safety and quality of food, we have their own central kitchen, every program is strict, every test, every day the ingredients are unified by the small Yang Shengjian refrigeration vehicle distribution to each restaurant. To ensure the freshness of the ingredients, safety, eat at ease, eat happy! Because: I do with conscience, you can eat at ease!

because the exquisite fried quality, has attracted numerous domestic and foreign tourist group, the United States, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, South Korea and many news media visitors to the city, the celebrities come to enjoy small Yang Shengjian praise. Yang Shengjian pays attention to the quality of small all raw materials, positioning by using the national standard of pure pork meat into the day the material sold out, ensure that the meat is fresh, safety and health. Yang Shengjian has been a breakthrough of the traditional.

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