Teach you how to open a Korean Restaurant

South Korea Park Geun Hye bestie political incident caused in the global South Korean politics how, we raise a Babel of criticism of, people can only do a melon eating people, not many. How the results can not produce a direct impact on our lives. South Korea how we still want to eat our favorite Korean food, food and beverage investors will still choose to join the Korean restaurant. But do you know the steps and procedures of the Korean restaurant? If you are also ready to open a Korean restaurant, you can come to see me to introduce you to the Korean restaurant shop process.

teach you how to open a Korean restaurant

first, the market research

shop before you do not worry, remember not impulsive act. First to the local food and beverage market investigation, to find some local friends, it is best to be a chef opened the hotel, about together eat, drink, listen to their opinions, if there is a two bit social friend that is better, tell them about your ideas that shop is not big, they can help you a lot, and they will not be too difficult.

two, write a plan

to do business, there must be analysis ability is very good, you want to do a plan, including: peer competition, you choose the shop location face what consumer groups, your shop scale for which the mode of operation, peer barbecue stores sell what product, what sell well, the cost of investment analysis, profit analysis, if the initial operation and cold persist for several months? If the operation of the good long-term development, etc..

three, taste and business experience

can ask some of the more experienced and capable of the master, the taste is completely dependent on him, because the wage level is relatively high, generally do not quit, should pay more attention to management experience. If it is joined, the general headquarters will provide training, and in the opening process to provide some key help.

four, shop location

should be selected in the factories, office buildings, bustling commercial district and school near the working class or student concentrated areas, or stations, terminals, traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source. If you can’t find a ideal store, we must have patience, keep looking, don’t give up halfway.

five, business district assessment

includes district property, store size, floor, surrounding facilities, nearby shops and stores, complementary competition, how much is the rent for all kinds of legal licenses difficulty, around the big.

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