The technology of nternet of things in Xiamen

the advent of the Internet era, so that our lives have undergone a lot of change, the emergence of the Internet of things technology, not only in the electricity supplier to better use, can still be used in the aquatic industry. On December 8th, wisdom fisheries Xiamen science and technology limited company in Xiamen to build the east ocean aquatic processing industry characteristics of the "management system" project officially started, the start of the general assembly in the networking technology, the integration of the two traditional aquaculture enterprises transformation of exchange and discussion, and enterprise networking information application signed "the wisdom of the material management system the application of strategic agreement".

Xiamen East Sea Food Co., Ltd. deputy general manager and project director Zhang Luying said, the development trend of Internet of things is the mainstream, large fishing technology has rich experience in the information management of enterprises, through the real-time data on production and trace the overall mobile application and Fisheries Science and technology intelligence management system based on IOT, beyond the traditional ERP short board, to solve the management problems of aquatic products processing industry, optimize the flow of information and coordination between departments, improve the efficiency of enterprises.

The general manager of

Xiamen Fisheries Technology Co., Wang Baoyun said that the East Sea is a pioneering and innovative, advanced management experience and advanced technology to pilot, in the processing of aquatic science and technology ahead of the enterprise. At present, the application of Internet of things technology in China’s aquatic products industry is still in its infancy, the future of Fisheries Science and technology will play the wisdom of the United States and the United States management platform for the technical application, help the scale of the development of aquatic processing industry.

in addition, the Xiamen marine and fishery research institute director Lu Xiaoning also on the wisdom of IOT management technology, opportunities and development platform fully affirmed, he said, focus on the development of Xiamen city has been included in the national ocean of wisdom, the wisdom of the East Sea "material management system" project has set a good example for the application of aquatic products in Xiamen industry, transformation and upgrading of the aquatic product processing industry in Xiamen, Xiamen and even the development of intelligent marine economy, has an important role in promoting.

According to the introduction of

, IOT wisdom management system has changed in the past rely on manual operation mode, reach automation collection and analysis of data, to build a complete information system of enterprise based on the production chain, reduce risk, save labor and improve production efficiency, to achieve control of the enterprise and business cooperation in many fields.

East Sea through the platform of "wisdom IOT management platform, the integration of procurement management, sales management, warehouse management, intelligent production, actual cost, financial management, collaborative office, mobile applications and other functions, to promote the process of curing and optimization, construction of the Guan Liping unified and efficient; through the real-time production data, tracking and tracing, comprehensive the mobile application based on CPS technology and fisheries, beyond the traditional ERP vulnerabilities, get rid of the constraints of time, optimize the flow of information and coordination between departments, improve the efficiency of enterprises.

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