Silk is the top ten brands list

talk about the silk quilt, dozens of dollars can buy a bed, a few million a bed is not too expensive, because of the complexity of the market, resulting in a lot of people are difficult to choose. In short, silk has been a large number of brands, silk has been updated at any time in the list of the ten major brands, the price of silk is from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of dollars, a variety of. After all, how to buy a real good silk quilt, plagued by all the friends who like silk.

for this purpose, the latest special summary of the latest market, the latest silk is the brand, it is said that the silk is the top ten brands of silk was sorted out, hoping to give some reference to friends.

if the election of the silk is the brand, the silk is warm skin is very attractive, and the better the silk is the brand, the warmth of the skin better. Why do some people say that silk is not warm it? These are false silk silk disaster. So today, we do not mention the counterfeit brand silk quilt. Only list of good quality silk is the price of silk.

silk was ten brands list NO.1 Kanghuang silk

Kanghuang silk brand is the biggest advantage of brand, is the founder of silk expert, and quality management expert, and founder of the brand personality is very critical, the pursuit of perfect quality, so the current market of Kanghuang silk is the brand of the highest quality and service evaluation.

Kanghuang silk brand positioning, the more is the heritage of Chinese Royal silk culture of the noble and elegant, Hebi European royal blue design concept. Therefore, the focus of the silk industry high-end resources and industrial chain, for the domestic and foreign high-end high-end crowd in Pyramid. High quality natural services need high cost support, so Kanghuang silk price is not cheap, more suitable for the pursuit of high quality of life of elegant aristocratic crowd. But according to Xinhua reporter tracking, currently Kanghuang in brand strategy promotion stage, there should be preferential.

silk was ten brands list NO.2 Mei silk

MINE sleep is the high-end home brand, raw materials for the highest standards in the world, with advanced technology, strict, committed to providing high-quality products for users worldwide Home Furnishing Home Furnishing, dissemination of fashion culture, leading the international trend of Home Furnishing.

silk was ten brands list NO.3 visa silk

visa is the high-end brand fuanna launched, will Italy exotic to the country, and the organic combination of traditional silk Chinese, interpretation of "luxury" temperament, to create a luxurious life for the pursuit of quality of life Chinese.

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