What entrepreneurial projects in rural entrepreneurship good

is now very popular business, regardless of the city or rural people want to change their business through the present situation, then how in the rural entrepreneurship project what is good? This is a lot of entrepreneurs about the topic of the rural market, not as backward, so more and more people saw the rural market, therefore also, the competition is much greater, but for entrepreneurs, want in rural entrepreneurship, what to do?

Q: Excuse me, what kind of project is good in the rural areas? Metaphor join the children’s clothing store or restaurant?

answer 1: Hello friend, look at your problem, you want to open a shop in the countryside. Rural set up must take into account the local consumption, compared to the city, the lower level of consumption in rural areas, I think we can do some of the traditional services in the rural areas of life, should be more market.

take what you call the children’s clothing stores and restaurants, for example, I personally prefer to open a restaurant. First, hunger breeds discontentment, the catering industry is known as the "eternal sunrise industry" is justified, then the restaurant a wide audience, everyone can consume, and children’s clothing store for only children. Of course, this is only my personal opinion, how to choose the specific need you have to decide according to the local market.

answer 2: if you want to start a business in rural areas, I would like to do something special to sell your local products. Do not have to set up shop in the local, I think people do business in the city than the local business to make more money.

let me give you an example, my colleagues in the rural home each year to the blood, so blood orange mature season, he and friends home sales in the company of blood orange. We buy from him every year. Not because it is an acquaintance, because his hometown is orange physical beauty cheap, we all love to eat.

so, I think this is an opportunity. You can see how this can be done without.

answer 3: what to do in rural entrepreneurship projects, it depends on the economic development of rural areas of your situation. I think that in addition to do some traditional food and clothing, can do some entertainment, service class projects. After all, people need some leisure activities to amuse themselves.


also has a lot of good projects, we need to find such opportunities, and rural areas have different economic conditions, some good, some will almost, if economy is relatively backward rural areas, suggest mahjong, game room, billiards room, entertainment. Mahjong mainly for the elderly, the game hall for young people. If the economy is relatively good in rural areas, in addition to do mahjong billiards room and the like, can do network recommended

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