Qionglai the implementation of one window service enterprise

in order to help innovative talents better to start, Qionglai city has brought the "one window" business services, specific business service is how, Xiaobian a look!


People in Qionglai city business for

New talent service window

"through the establishment of the two window, we can provide one-stop business services for enterprises, a number of administrative approval procedures involved in the process of entrepreneurship can be handled in a window. At the same time, through the new talent service window of the life cycle of approval service, but also eliminates the trouble of the life and the menace from the rear to the entrepreneurial venture." Qionglai municipal government service center, said the person in charge.

one window service   business services do not run away

in addition to innovation and entrepreneurship relates to approval services into the window at home and abroad, Qionglai city administrative service center through a window to pieces, the internal circulation to achieve the entrepreneurial services one window service.

at the same time, to enter into the service of administrative service center, take the way of circulation, the staff will recommend the application materials

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