Retail customers want to do business also need to provide intimate service

"service" in such an era, but for many people’s business has a very big influence. In short, whether it is the individual or group purchase, good service is a very important priority, this is also our retail customers and is a commonplace talk of an old scholar easily neglected problems. Buy customers, a large amount of gold, to provide high-quality services to the shopping community is to establish a good business image, to win more repeat customers key.

group purchase customers are in some rich and powerful enterprises, and be able to close the deal, almost all more than middle managers say, so, in the provision of services for the customers, to be careful, be careful, considerate, not only to think wise, but also to reach every aspect of a matter. With our high quality, personalized service, the group purchase orders firmly in hand, you know, some enterprises in a year to several times and even more extensive procurement groups, a service is not in place, you may lose future opportunities for cooperation.

but some enterprises and retail customers is our long-term cooperation, both sides are more familiar with, get along very well, you is not, therefore, in terms of service retail customers will be greatly reduced, and the discount you can reduce the group purchase enterprises and main procurement staff for your favor, when this impression slowly disappear when the part company each going his own way is not far away. At that time, you will regret it.

so, the service to buy the company, I did not dare to relax for a moment. Buy companies are sometimes not a purchase, a commodity, but a combination of multiple goods. We have many retail customers for delivery of such goods into the handle to the enterprise and the procurement unit Everything will be fine., to get these goods from sorting to spend a lot of manpower and material resources.

in order to facilitate the customer, every time to buy a group of enterprises to organize the goods, I will send five or six sales staff to go along with the car, to the designated location, to buy goods sorting, packaging. Our town of Hua Yu garment factory is the Spring Festival last year was the first time cooperation, just put the Spring Festival of the group purchase matters processed, they booked Tomb-sweeping Day this year to distribute the labor supplies, according to their group purchasing department purchasing personnel, is my this service warm and touching.

of course, in the course of the group, we have a lot of retail customers will play tricks on the way to wipe oil". They think that these are all large enterprise group purchase industry, big enterprises, do not care about the money, so it will play a trick on the price of goods, this kind of "stealing" behavior, finally to harm or their own.

is now a lot of shopkeepers think it is very smart, always like to play some small tricks when doing business, but I do not know, it is very likely to cause very negative business

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