Mark pen ten brands list

Mark pen what brand is good? Mark pen industry rankings? This is any one of the needs of the Mark pen consumers are very concerned about the problem. Therefore, let’s make a small series to introduce the ten major brands of Mark pen charts, so as to give more people to choose to make a better reference.

Mark’s ten brands list, NO.1 Sanford Shanpie: American brand, global industry leader, writing tool field leader, ten Mark brand, Newell (NewellRubbermaid) group.

Mark’s ten brands list NO.2, Copic: Japanese brands, ten Mark brand, the best choice made from a professional cartoonist to advertising, painting, Too Marker Corporation.

Mark pen top ten brands NO.3, Touch: South Korean brands, designers draw architectural renderings, landscape renderings, comic lovers of good tools, nine pen brand, South Korea Touch company.

Mark pen top ten brand NO.4, Marvy Marvy:1973, the Japanese brand, the top ten pen brand, the most common pen, the best choice for beginners to practice, Uchida of America, Corp.

Mark pen top ten brands NO.5, Chartpak Ad: the United States brand, the top ten pen brand, the famous brand of the industry, the brand of interior design, the use of high-end brands, pen, the United States AD marker.

Mark’s ten brands list, NO.6 Swan – Stabilo Stabilo: 1855 German Nuremberg, one of the world’s largest production and sales of writing instruments of the company, foreign invested enterprises, Stabilo (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

Mark’s ten brands list NO.7, Prismacolor: the famous brand of the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, ten Mark brand, professional art supplies brand, Newell (NewellRubbermaid) group.

Mark pen ten brands list NO.8, Sakura: founded in 1921 in Japan, a large multinational group company, is committed to pigment / marker pen series of painting production enterprises, Shanghai oriental cherry Stationery Co., ltd..

Mark’s ten brands list NO.9, bokhi BAOKE: founded in 1997, China pens Association unit, wide.

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