Shock] seven steps to make you rich


recognize himself as a poor man? If so, do you want to change their status quo, from now on to accumulate their wealth? Read the following wealth philosophy, to inspire you.

A, the cost of living will become the first capital of

two, the first few years of the greatest difficulty

in fact, the poor to become rich, the biggest difficulty is the first few years. There is a wealth of ideas of law: for the start empty-handed people, if the first million spent 10 years, then, from 1 million yuan to 10 million yuan, perhaps only 5 years, from 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan, only 3 years is enough.

the wealth law tells us: because you have rich experience and start-up funds, as the car has run up speed has been added, just gently pressed on the accelerator, the car will let rip. The first 5 years may be the most difficult days, and then it will be more fun and easier.

three, the poor man’s wealth only brain

So between the

people in mental and physical differences are not the imagination, one thing that people can do, others can do. Just to make the effect is not the same, often some details of the effort, decided to complete the quality.

If a shicaiaowu staff not to the boss, he simply put the blame for not sycophant, it is too one-sided. Bosses don’t like people who don’t respect themselves, but more importantly, they can see your value. Similarly, if you first go to do the business license, and the license for the people quarreling, certainly, you open the shop is always only a

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