nvestment in Smart mage Museum let him get wealth life

young people like to look at some of the more novel industries to explore some of the unknown business opportunities, these new unique business opportunities can often help them achieve rapid success. The development of intelligent imaging industry has attracted the attention of many investors, so that they re ignite hope. My hero is so.

join Hellon before intelligent video shop he is an ordinary young people, have to work in private enterprises in a once monthly income of only 3000 yuan machinery operators, what is the prototype edge, let him change for earning tens of thousands of dollars of the individual boss?


by telephone, QQ communication, Chen Lei finally came to the meeting in 2013 April long science and technology field! In the Department of technology, Chen Lei personally sang a song he likes, experience the next device features, the device is very convenient, easy to use, a person can be completed independently. Chen Lei took a personal MV on the spot, the feeling is very good. MV not only can be uploaded to the phone, you can also spread to the site to share with relatives and friends. There are several models, he is still the most fancy Q. However, due to limited funds, he chose D, D, Q although the 3D effect without the double seats and other effects, but it is also a very professional equipment, capable of recording personal MV, film etc.! After less than two days of training, he has been able to operate independently and shoot a variety of MV, art films. Through the teacher’s assessment, awarded certificates for him, let him home!


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