Malatang franchise business how to operate

around us, there are a lot of delicacy in waiting for us, which is a kind of spicy everyone’s favorite delicacy, spicy delicacy is a feature of people’s favorite, in great demand in the market, doing business is definitely a good choice of spicy rich. But for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to run a business more prosperous? And listen to small series for you.

small to some city, almost every place will eat spicy snacks with local characteristics, such as many places in Sichuan call this delicacy as "Chuanchuan Xiang", which is in our mouth malatang. Here we say, look at doing Malatang business bosses are not able to inspire, show your characteristics, earn more money.


Mala shop will add some fried string or grilled foods, eat a bowl of spicy, then taste the goods on taste delicious, really delicious ah, many of them have taken such a mode of operation, but also attract a lot of customers.

Xiao Bian visited Shenyang a mala shop, the store is from a street stalls Malatang to two floor now to run the set of spicy, spicy flavor barbecue and all kinds of packages for one of the brand stores, are on both sides of the door set takeout by opening line people don’t say how many Oh, and his unique Clay oven rolls.

also recently Harbin had eaten in Chongqing spicy mix, this delicious little spicy soup, but some of the more dry mix the seasoning flavor, taste it is dry, hot lead a person to endless aftertastes; more gouwei, Ma more readily.

now there are some businesses, Malatang will do very delicate, very unique, such as spicy hot surfaces only choose corn flour (yellow noodles), named "coarse grain practice".

in the store to add the optional cabinet, put more dishes, guests weighing, so that the guests feel the fun of choice, but also on the increase in the income of a pen.

in a store in Mudanjiang (but also has two floors to run, or chain, oh) from self selected counters, choose clusters of spicy string, and then into the kitchen processing, make the delicious spicy, plus delicious noodles, noodles, cold noodle cattie…… There was a delicate, delicious, the guest is in a continuous line.

hope this small introduction can better help you, so that we can grow up as soon as possible, as long as according to the method described above to make sure your hot, hot money business. For the operators of Mala shop, also note that the business method is not immutable and frozen, you need according to the current market situation, make the appropriate judgment, and make a recommendation

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