Jewelry store how to improve the performance of the shopping guide is very important

open jewelry stores in order to improve performance, it is necessary to master certain skills, including the ability to buy this one is very important. We are in the jewelry store, we must have a certain sales skills, so as to attract customers, bring you profits.

1, the right skills toBefore

has not come to the counter in the customer, has been the attention on the customer, follow the "5 meters, 3 meters, on 1 meters to watch" principle, all the way to begin to pay attention to customer trends, find customers in a product to look carefully, began to greet.

"5 meters, 3 meters, 1 at about a meter accosted, is welcoming skill guidelines on staff, is a kind of exercise their own quality requirements, the actual implementation process often need to be flexible, it is only a clerk to exercise their own vision method.

2, rich product knowledge

3, the correct guidance skills

"vision LaoLa" shopping guide, not only familiar with products, and the correct guiding skills. From the customer dressed quickly determine customer consumption levels, and began to focus on customers recommend suitable products to customers, in order to enhance the customer interest, can also guide customers to try, so find the feeling.

4, the correct customer objection handling skills

in terms of customer objection processing, there must be adaptable skills, can often encounter customers against the daily list of comments, one by one; in fact, the jewelry industry to meet the objections, there are so few:


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