Empathy often makes referrals more effective

has come out both enjoy a high reputation of the brand, the brand is just entering the market, will continue to launch new products and goods, to be accepted by consumers, but also the need for promotion of nature. How to promote the product will go out, which will bother a lot of people. Xiao Bian here suggested that empathy, often make referrals more effective!

went shopping at the supermarket one day to see such a scene……

clerk: Hello, do you need detergent?"

customer a: "yes, the family run out"

clerk: then you look at this bar, our new products, XX brand washing powder is very good, do not hurt your hands, wash clean!"

customer a: "amount, we used the old brand, did not intend to try new"

assistant: "this washing powder now engage in activities, buy three sent a very cost-effective."

customer B: "we really don’t want to try, just want to see for ourselves." At this time a customer’s wife in the side has been very impatient.

clerk: "how to do not know how to do it, you try it, really good, I am also in use."

customer speechless……

clerk: "you see, we don’t have the laundry on TV, but the effect is not worse than those who do advertising, you see this component……"

did not listen to the clerk to finish, the customer quickly picked up his own choice of washing powder, pulled his wife quickly disappeared in the crowd……

just a minute, it is not difficult to see that the promotion process of wishful thinking is a failure, and defeated very thorough, I even think if I were the customer, next time you go to the supermarket will go around the shop. A lot of people should have met such a depressed and embarrassing shopping experience, but the exchange of ideas, we as a marketing staff in the face of retail customers of the cigarette referrals, whether or not to make such mistakes? Or do our retail customers face the same situation with their customers?

from the top of the dialogue is not difficult to see that the new breed of shop is good, and the customer is very well respected, but the promotion methods and skills is not flattered, she thinks a good product to customers is of good quality and low prices, while ignoring the actual needs of customers, so how to deal with the relationship between this?


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