Fu Chunjian’s business

how to find a way out of their shops in the market, which is a serious problem in every shop owner. For Fu Chunjian, naturally has his business strategy. "Don’t quarrel with the customer, his publicity will have a negative impact on you. A customer is not satisfied, is tantamount to losing a customer base." This is the Jiangsu city of Huaian province retail customers Fu Chunjian’s pet phrase".

pay the boss "cheap supermarket around the very good reputation, the business also made smooth. So, he is how to use the service to impress the customer’s heart, to win a good reputation? The boss told the author to tell such a story.

5 years ago, Lin boss’s retail store has just started when there is a requirement: all customers are not satisfied with the purchase, can be replaced at any time, or even a refund. One night, the opposite of a customer into the shop, he took a fancy to the induction cooker, after paying the money in a hurry to hold the goods home.

did not expect, the second day he gave the induction cooker to come back, because his wife is too expensive, and asked him to change the cheap. And to the third replacement, his wife said cheap, style is too old. In the course of contacts, there are views of old pay lover: "this is not to toss people! Give him a refund. I don’t do this business!"

so, the old man ran to his house to find out why. The result is the customer’s requirements for the first time lover also bought that style. Originally, the customer first to buy the electromagnetic oven home, because it’s too expensive, just buying a house, thrift lover is very angry, said he would not live, wasteful, unexpectedly quarrel with him one night now shelves, he did not mention the mood of this thing, come and go, but also is not love me.

understand things after, Xu boss sorry to say: "I did not expect a commodity, but to bring you two contradictions, really embarrassed. Just now manufacturers promotion of this product, we will become a home, hit 30 percent off in the original basis, put you optimistic about this product to send over, but I hope you don’t for the little things to."

has been very touched by the guilt of customers, things have finally come to an end.

but the impact of the whole event is not in the past. Originally, the customer surnamed Xu, director of a company’s logistics department, after that, they all unit personnel to purchase goods, director Xu to recommend they are not to mind taking the trouble: "you want to go to my house across the district" supermarket "to buy goods, they also have good service, quality assurance!" "Customer advocacy is the brand."

boss has paid for it is still feeling, "since then, we have a lot of business by he recommended

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