Korean barbecue barbecue king how to choose spring garden

or small to say what time the consumption needs of people, there is a large number of market and cater to the, for example, barbecue, this was previously considered roadside unhealthy snack food items, can now be turned into a perfect health, Korean barbecue, barbecue health is one of them. Korean barbecue health Korean barbecue double heating, grilled meat gravy lock can better taste very fresh. With headquarters plus spices, create new delicious perfect, this is any kind of barbecue can not imitate! Korean barbecue can effectively maintain the health and nutrition of the authentic baked goods. Also continue to launch the staple food, baked baked egg, with these points enough to lift the appetite of consumers, only the taste and then quickly! Korean barbecue health Korean barbecue combined with Chinese taste, improvement of the formula ingredients, more easily accepted by the chinese. In addition to Han wind Pop has become a trend, this rare delicacy, once launched, will have to consumers.

spring barbecue King join?

market analysis:

barbecue has become a popular food, popular at home and abroad, but the real features, can attract back to the characteristics of the barbecue is not much to see. Especially in the summer, more and more people go out at night, then the taste of barbecue is an indispensable activity, so open a distinctive style of barbecue will have a good market returns.

with the update of the times, the barbecue industry because of its natural simplicity and taste of the original wild, has become one of the more and more popular way to eat. Barbecue pattern, variety, meat, vegetables, bananas, apples and even vegetables and fruits are barbecue upstart. Spring barbecue King accurately grasp the Chinese food and beverage industry in the market to join the industry’s current economic development trend came into being, once listed on the concern of investors.


1, co – operation: Spring Garden barbecue to join the phone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters to consult cooperation matters, access to relevant information;

2, cooperation application: fill in the application form, confirm the relevant matters;

3, field trips: to field trips to the project, and spring garden barbecue King headquarters staff face to face communication.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: partners in accordance with the selected level of cooperation, to pay the relevant costs, to confirm the right to operate the region;

6, skill training: collaborators to accept Technology >

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