With the nternet to facilitate more convenient subway

with the popularity of the subway in major cities, has become our favorite daily means of transport. Take the subway in Beijing is a great enjoyment, plenty of time to look around and go by like the wind, and many users, terminal equipment, the client can not help but wonder that more than two years, the Internet has to change products for convenient to convenient transportation of the subway this imaginary. When


2, Internet advertising

"to find a house, looking for a job, looking for decoration, to find a nanny, recruit a pet……" Every time, take the subway to see Yao Chenchang with iconic mouth and donkey rivalry. Of course, then there is the mouth of the Yang Mi artifact site". The bombing type advertisement Ganji and 58 city to the already crowded subway becomes more crowded. Have to say, put in the subway advertising, especially in Internet advertising is more popular, in addition to the two friends, I believe that the subway users can say a lot, such as jumei.com.



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