Jiangsu to get good results in the production of steel and coal to complete the objectives and tasks

in the process of economic development in the active removal capacity, can effectively promote economic development, which is a thing that can not be ignored. December 8th, the state to check the acceptance of the production capacity of the province and the exchange of sample feedback. Vice governor Ma Qiulin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Random group believe that overall, the Jiangsu provincial government attaches great importance to resolve the overcapacity, related to the city and provincial departments to strictly enforce the state to resolve the overcapacity in the overall deployment, tasks and work requirements, there is excess capacity to resolve the task to actively cooperate with the enterprise. 2016, iron and steel to resolve excess capacity to complete the task of 148% of the target, the coal to resolve excess capacity of 100% to complete the task.

Ma Qiulin pointed out that the sampling group to check the acceptance of our province, I was able to save the production capacity of a strong spur and promote. Our province will strictly carry out the implementation of the central decision-making deployment, will be able to resolve excess capacity as a serious political task, highly valued in the ideological, conscious obedience on the action, to ensure that resolutely implement, a grasp in the end. Resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, and resolutely ban illegal land of steel production, and resolutely rectification of steel construction project.

through the above reports we can see, Jiangsu to get good results in production capacity, steel and coal to complete the task. The next step, to resolve the overcapacity work by the party committees, government responsibility, the main party leaders assume the first responsibility, take the initiative to coordinate the deployment, supervision and inspection, and vigorously promote. I will punish "steel" and the elimination of backward production capacity as an opportunity to change from passive to active, cohesion in the thirteenth Congress of the province’s deployment, innovation, optimize the industrial layout, speed up the transformation of development mode, to complete the supply side structural reform of the mission objectives.

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