What are the principles that should be followed to manage the entrepreneurial team

"management" in any one of the current market is very important, if you want to make your own business can create greater achievements, it is in need of a strong entrepreneurial team, the natural entrepreneurs also need to do the management work. However, the management of entrepreneurial team is actually required to comply with certain principles. So, what are the principles that should be followed in the management of entrepreneurial team?

What is the most important thing about

startups? The most important thing is "people", people are right, everything is right. So the most important thing for a startup is not a company, but how to build a healthy, fighting, cohesive team. What kind of people do you need in your entrepreneurial team in a startup or a company? This is to be clear.

entrepreneurship at the beginning of the recruitment of Pro

most of the entrepreneurs in the recruitment of talent is not enough time. You should spend 1/3, or even half of the time, to hire a company to determine the company’s philosophy and to match the product to the market. This is something that you can’t give to others, you have to look for them.

you have to invest a lot of time to build corporate culture values, to ensure that all employees understand and agree with this value. At the time of recruitment, you should look for talents with the cultural values of the company. For an enterprise, it is necessary for the employee to have a more diversified view and personality, but it is not necessarily a good thing.

In the early days of

, the most healthy compensation structure should be a little less than the market price of the salary + generous equity. However, many successful companies are not established by senior professionals. If you want to pay more than the market, they should go to large companies with little equity.

equity awards will be slightly more complex, but there is a principle that you initially recruited several core core equity awards should be recommended by investors two times. But it must be decided by the nature of the company. A year or so, according to each person’s ability to allocate their corresponding options.

democracy but not democracy

although a lot of groups advocate democratic culture, but the core of the team must have, when democracy can not get a definite plan, the core needs to come up with ideas. In fact, it is well known that democracy is a waste of time and experience.

from the power management system is concerned, the core of the relevant business decisions to the hands of the people who can control the direction of the business, not the business team, not all the team. After all, "specialize in". The overall direction of the team’s decision to grasp the CEO, the core staff has built

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