Mandatory review of investment projects

entrepreneurial incentives to stimulate more entrepreneurial enthusiasm to help start-ups get better development. Therefore, in the fourth meeting of the State Council, the Commission, the prime minister made it clear that the abolition of investment projects mandatory review.

The reform of

has said, the reform of administrative examination and approval is not easy, do not rule out the impact of sectoral interests. But it is more difficult to change the management of government departments, if not approved, the government must fulfill its regulatory responsibilities, supporting measures to keep up with it? After the cancellation of administrative examination and approval, things in the post regulation is a new issue.

however, decentralization does not mean laissez faire. Li Keqiang said, to create a fair competitive environment and regulatory measures must be in place, but also to prevent arbitrary and capricious, check, such decentralization can be more effective, in order to make the development of productive forces, people get benefits. We should promote the optimization of services, such as public affairs with the Internet, so fewer people to run errands, but also can do.

"decentralization is recommended in China

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