Zhejiang will build 30 demonstration Colleges

Some entrepreneurial culture

need to start training from the student, at the same time in such a universal era of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship are becoming more common, Zhejiang will build 30 Demonstration School of entrepreneurship.

several colorful small goldfish in the water between the shuttle, or a few tiny flowers bloom in the moss, each small glass bowl landscape are the one and only, but they have a common name – micro landscape plants, Hangzhou Qianjiang Normal University School of economics and Management Branch for new students entrance gift.

"each new dormitory will receive a pot made of micro potted potted landscape studio." The head of the studio, Pan Haofei is a student of Qianjiang college marketing professional, his team under the online sale of micro potted landscape, the monthly income of over a million.

from the start of the first day of school

This is a

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