Tea shop location reference

tea shop management place although said is very flexible, not too restrictive, but also can not be anywhere up to join shop, or to investigate some market factors, combined with various factors considered to choose the right tea shop.

if the site is not a good shop, then no one will run to the store "make light of travelling a thousand li" special drink a cup of tea. The downtown area is the best choice, this is no doubt things, but the high cost is the downtown area to consider. For example, Miss Li Hangzhou originally planned to open tea shop in the town, in the bustling town simple study, found that the annual rent, transfer fee of up to forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, had to give up the idea, to find some sections of the low cost.

many people shop the situation encountered are similar to Miss Li, let a person have a headache, then, in addition to the bustling commercial area, what is the tea shop gold area? Here, Xiaobian to share some experience, hope that we can help. According to the existing success of the microphone tea customer statistics, the following categories of milk tea shop opened the area:

1. pedestrian street: a large flow of people, snacks, especially near the barbecue place;

2. primary and secondary schools in the vicinity: more students, the need to pay attention to the diversion of milk when the focus of students taste;

3. shopping mall entrance: a large flow of people, many people living nearby, pay attention to do a good job of milk tea taste, attract repeat customers is the key;

4. University City: College circle mainly rely on the decoration, the decoration is good enough to take away, often linked to institutions of the community, engage in activities;

5. office area: high spending power, focus on high-end milk tea;

other large traffic areas, such as Internet cafes near the station, subway mouth, etc.;


7. to buy milk tea in the customer, the majority of women, so if it is a girl, especially young girls more places, there is no doubt that a good place to open tea shop.

tea shop in place can refer to a lot, if you want to do business in that location stage can not be ignored, the above site for reference, hope can help you easily tap new business opportunities, do not miss.

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