Small business how to do to make money

A lot of 80

tired of nine to five job, want to get rich, but money is not surplus, so do some small business, how to get rich?

A, good source is half of success!

The importance of

which, needless to say we all know. I want to mention a few words: the best is marketable, large potential consumer groups; and it is better to use local resources, so will increase the cost and risk.

two, the supply of goods to your shop to bring credit guarantee, also can let more consumers prefer to buy goods in your shop. Buy and sell, buy and sell, the quality of the sale is not a commodity you can bring how much profit, but your service, you can let the consumer satisfaction of the money to dig out.

This is

Second, free promotion.

A, a beautiful picture is a living advertisement.

It is important that

The most important is to do business

> boutique

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