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If you’re already suffering, we all are a little hungrier in winters, make them that much more difficult. “We would like to clarify that no casting has been finalised for ‘Heroine’ at all. in the evenings, well, and the director of Monarch Watch,C. who studied the monarchs as a graduate student Some scientists suspect that misguided attempts to help the monarch in the United States may be accelerating the end of the migration US scientists have been encouraging midwesterners and Texans to plant milkweed but many people have been planting the wrong variety: Asclepias curassavica a species that usually grows in the tropics Tropical milkweed does not die back in the winter providing monarchs with a year-round food source that may eliminate their need to migrate Oberhauser says Staying in one place for many generations makes the butterflies more susceptible to the deadly Ophryocystis elektroscirrha parasite According to Lincoln Brower a biologist at Sweet Briar College in Virginia the “insidious disease” spreads when infected butterflies scatter spores on milkweed plants which are then ingested by the next generation of caterpillars If fewer butterflies migrate to Mexico he says the proportion of infected monarchs across North America may increase imperiling the whole population Although the monarch lives all over the world and is not at risk of extinction an end to the North American migration would likely endanger central Mexico’s pine and oyamel fir forests The butterfly provides an economic incentive to protect the unique alpine ecosystem Alonso says If the migration stops “people are not going to benefit from the tourism and the forest is not going to be protected” The monarch may also be the first sign that food webs in the US Midwest are being irrevocably disrupted as a side effect of widespread planting of herbicide-tolerant crops Brower says Monarchs he says are “the canary in the cornfield”

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