Students need to learn nine entrepreneurial experience before starting a business

now although the state and government to actively promote entrepreneurship in college students, but students in the early days, often will encounter many problems, some college students are often in the business when compared blindly, learning what experience in creative needs?

1, who are you?

2, entrepreneurship is what?

3, what do you have to prepare?

to business friends, must have one or several good grasp of the material or spiritual wealth, but this is not enough, you also have to think about what you are not familiar with the. Yesterday, my friend asked me what I have to do to start a business, I summed up a rough: entrepreneurs to start the business must first prepare the following:

A, a fully accessible project plan. Your business plan should be comprehensive and feasible, preferably with financial experts and consultants. B, to have a clear scope of business and core competitiveness. This is to say that a position of the problem, your business is doing, your business and similar competitors, what is the core, others can not do things. Of course, some entrepreneurs believe that I am to learn other people’s success on the line, the market is very large, we do not worry about no market. In fact, when there are obvious when success in the market, said Jian

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